With the start of 2021, we look forward to a year we hope will bring relief and excitement for a brighter future for everyone! With restrictions and laws that seem to change each week and the near decimation of the restaurant industry, we have faced challenges we were ill prepared to face! Ontario is in lockdown and our dining room is currently closed to the public. We miss the hum and buzz of a busy Saturday night, live music, your smiling faces and our team working in sync to provide an experience of joy and a reprieve from the everyday. We miss wonderful adult conversations and the feeling that we are a part of a community that supports one another! If life ever returns to normal, we will remember this time of isolation and vow to let the memory inspire our sense of gratitude! With our newly minted skill of adapting to rapid change, we envision big business and personal changes ahead.

During lockdown our days are spent guiding our two boys, Maksim (8) and Sasha (5) through the perils of distance learning at our dining room table while our three-year-old daughter (Emilia) plays idly by. This has given us a new respect and admiration for their teachers!! Oh do we miss peaceful, quiet mornings with coffee that followed the deposit of our boys on that big happy yellow bus! Navigating the online programs and printed homework assignments has proven to be a tad bit, well, challenging! The term “patience is a virtue” has brand new meaning and personal significance.  

Over the past year we have made it a habit to eat our meals as a family as much as is possible. Serdjo cooks and I clean up of course. We’ve really enjoyed it and are now very aware of how much or little our children eat and of what foods. Perhaps it is the constant face time with our delightful three or maybe it’s the barrage of health-related news stories that has us thinking of our own health and the health of our kids. We have come up with the following family resolutions:


  • To follow a family diet that is composed of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods

  • To create recipes that are delicious and nutritious that our kids will actually eat.

  • To document all our successes and failures so that we can share them with you.

On a daily basis we will try new dishes at family mealtimes, dishes composed from a list of healthy ingredients, created by Chef Serdjo. At the end of each two weeks, we’ll share our most promising successes with all of you. We know that getting kids to eat is a challenge and getting them to eat foods that are good for them is even harder! We hope you’ll follow along with our journey and try our new creations out on your little monster(s). Project healthy kids…Here we go!