It is in times such as these, times unlike any of us have ever experienced that we start to really look at our life choices, our sphere of influence, the impact that the actions we take in both our personal and our business lives have on our families, our communities and on the world around us. I suppose for us, we always felt too busy, too rushed, too frazzled to think clearly. We, like everyone else have been forced to stop, to take time to think things through and decide what is really important to us. A silver lining.

After being in business for close to a decade, this time spent together as a family has been precious, enlightening, frustrating and challenging. It has helped us to think strategically about the kind of business we want to have, the kind of life we want to lead, the role we want to play within our community.

We have started to think more and talk more about food and sharing food with the people in our lives who matter. Historically, meal-time provided an opportunity for connection with others that strengthened family relationships. Both the acts of preparing food and eating food together were essential to culture and quality of life. In the last century this has changed. We no longer share and enjoy these experiences. Eating is simply a means to an end, a mindless act. We eat in our cars, at our desks, while binge watching T.V. We no longer treat food with the respect it deserves! Eating quality food is essential to the health of both our bodies and our minds and yet we are so very disconnected.

Our new vision is to encourage and support people as they start to enjoy food once again, to offer meals, products and ingredients that are real, fresh and produced in our own community, to provide resources to foster joy related to eating with family and friends and to teach our own kids in the process.