Farm to table has been a trend influencing the restaurant industry for some time now and for good reason. As restauranteurs it offers us a chance to support our local community while acquiring fresh, seasonal ingredients we feel proud to serve. We are operating a food business in an area rich with farmland, with access to a wealth of locally produced, unique, fresh ingredients! And so with the planning for our new business lines Marquee Food Shoppe and Feast Boutique, collaboration with local farms has been top of mind. Buying local is of particular importance as we all come through this crisis with our businesses intact. We have been scouring the area in search of potential partners So far, we have come across some excellent finds…

Van Den Broek Farms –  A family run business near Carlisle Ontario. In operation for over 50 years producing more than 40 different vegetables and herbs. They are committed to quality and freshness, picking and packing the day before visits to local markets. 

Miller Maple Syrup – Located in Campbellville, Ontario, the Millers create only the finest quality of syrup. Serdj and his team use the Miller’s maple syrup to create their own maple double smoked bacon used on the Baby Kale & Maple Bacon Salad and future feature Filet Mignon.

Chudleighs – Located in Milton, Ontario, Chudleighs is a wonderful source of fresh Apples. Our chefs plan to use their apple cider for our Apple cider vinaigrette, and their Macintosh apples to make apple strudel.

Gagne Greens – Organic farm located in Hamilton, Ontario specializing in micro greens and organic sprouts. Our chefs use their products to garnish dishes and add colour.

CRO Quail Farms Inc. -Located in St. Anns, Ontario, specializes in locally-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free Quail and Quail Eggs. Serdj and his team will be pickling these eggs to serve with charcuterie boards and with the Chateaubriand.

Springridge Farms – Located in Milton, Ontario, Springridge offers a wonderful selection of freshly grown strawberries, raspberries and pumpkins. Our chefs plan to use these in the making of our feature desserts.

August Tree Farm – Located in Kilbride, Ontario, August Tree offers a beautiful selection of freshly grown flowers. They offer flower subscriptions as well as workshops on how to create your own bouquet.

We are excited to continue our search. Visiting local farms has provided a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids where real foods come from!